Why advertise in a Shopping Guide like
The Pennysaver?

  • The Pennysaver reaches households weekly from Lincoln/North Woodstock in the north to Northfield/Belmont in the south and Warren/Franklin in the Northwest/Southwest to Meredith/Laconia in the east; therefore, most or many of your client’s customers, your customers or your potential buyers or sellers in the respective community or region are reached. Ask us if we are in a new territory!
  • According to our current Circulation Verification Council Audit Report interviews, 74.5 % of survey respondents normally read or look through the Pennysaver; therefore, the Pennysaver has reader acceptance. Local people look forward to each issue and complain if they don’t get it.
  • Is recognized by local businessmen as an effective advertising medium.
  • The Pennysaver has reader (individual’s classified) ads which help create a high readership percentage overall of 74.5% as mentioned previously.
  • Gives your ad maximum impact because it does not have to compete with news columns (editorial) for the reader’s attention.
  • Offers a better value for your advertising dollar. Compare rates in terms of circulation. Cost per 1,000 of circulation.
  • Helps readers find what they want and helps them decide where to shop.
  • Gets results — run a coupon test for comparison with other print media available locally.